The ONLY Secret weapon you need to fight the Flu ……I’m not talking about Antibiotics

The Only Secret Weapon You Need To Fight The Flu

So I think we can safely say flu season is upon us. A season that brings with it the sniffling, coughing, sore throats and the aches & pains out to play.  The only problem is, no one else is really in the mood to play.

This week the debate for mandatory flu vaccines by the HSE made headline news. HSE want health certain health practitioners to get the flu vaccine in order to curb the spread of the flu influenza amongst patients. I don’t know about you but for some reason, every year I got the jab, I got the nasty flu to go with it. When I would ask why I got the flu after getting vaccinated, I would get an answer like “don’t you know the flu jab puts a bit of the flu strain into your system”……That would leave me totally scratching my head thinking, “If that was true, why would they even do that?” “Is that to build up my immune system by putting the virus into it?” Whatever the reason was, it never seemed to work.  I was so sure of getting the flu like you’re so sure that Monday comes after Sunday… And I would hazard a guess that this is the case for most people that take this flu vaccine as a prevention for the flu influenza.
So why then is it still so popular? I’m not going to feed you some ‘conspiracy theory’ but I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusion on that one.About a year ago, I went to see a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a while. I was nursing a dry cough at the time & I knew it was going to develop into something worse.

About a year ago, I went to see a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a while. I was nursing a dry cough at the time & I knew it was going to develop into something worse. My friend heard me coughing a few times & asked if I was ok…I told him “I had the flu” & he asked if I had taken anything for it. I listed the usual cough syrup, lemsip, soon to take Benylin for flu & he smiled. He asked me when the last time I ate was & I told him it had been a while as I didn’t have the appetite. He then poured me a shot from a bottle. I asked him what it was & he said “My secret weapon for flu”…I just shook my head & said “yeah whatever”. I slowly drank it. Trying to get a taste of it but I couldn’t as my glands were swollen & had saliva built up, I couldn’t taste anything. Anyway, I stayed with him for a few more hours & just before I left, he gave me another shot of “his secret weapon” to drink & asked me to go home & get some rest.

I got home, tucked myself into bed & slept. The next day, I couldn’t believe what had happened. The sore throat had gone. I wasn’t coughing. My taste buds were back. Wow! What was that? I was astonished. I knew the sequence of events & I was expecting the body aches along with the sniffling, runny nose, high fever etc but there was nothing!

I quickly called my friend & within the first few seconds, he knew why I called him because I was excited. He said my voice sounded much better & I wasn’t speaking through my nose. My friend is a bit of a health freak & I thought he had come up with this concoction himself. So I asked him how he did it & he said he bought it. I was so excited all I wanted was the name of this stuff and where I could get it. When I looked it up & found out the ingredients, it was no surprise how I got such relief so quickly. I knew the reason why I was so susceptible to the flu was that my immune system was low & what I needed was to boost it, so it could fight off invaders. Basically, I needed to up my body defence game.

I learned that I needed Antioxidants as they would boost my immune system.

“Where would I get those, I wondered? ”
In the past, I took a lot of oranges, Kiwis, Broccoli, strawberries & I supplemented my diet with Selenium in the past but that didn’t seem to stop the flu, knowing that antioxidants are high in Vitamin A, C & E and also selenium. Hmmm! Doing some more research, I learned that I would need to get the highest Antioxidant-rich nutrients which were pesticide free. Very important that they are free of any pesticides or man-made chemicals. Hmmm!

So when I looked up what was in this drink, amongst the many high-quality ingredients were Elderberries which have many medicinal benefits such as boosting Immune system, improve digestion, prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol, improve vision, infections & allergies & also help with weight loss. Elderberries were also used to fight the flu epidemic in 1995 in Panama. The government decided to harness the power of this super berry & within days of its use, the flu influenza was gone. It is a very powerful medicinal berry. Also in the drink are Blueberries which are said to contain high Antioxidant levels which help protect against heart disease, cancer, maintain bone strength, mental health, blood pressure and skin health. Another powerful berry is Goji berries, an excellent source of Antioxidants which help boost immune system & reduce inflammation. Another ingredient – Green Tea extracts which support immune function, cardiovascular health & fat loss. Cranberries – Which have high nutrient & antioxidant content. May help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, prevention of certain types of cancer, improved immune function, normalize blood pressure. Acai berries – Who hasn’t heard of these? Grown in the Brazilian Amazon. Oprah Winfrey made them famous in the West when she said she swore by them. They are said to have anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory, clear skin, weight loss & the list of benefits go on & on & on & on…..
These are just some of the many ingredients in this secret weapon. The ingredients on their own are a wow but when combined into a single drink, what a powerhouse!

Why aren’t there more people who know about this drink? Left to me, it should be in every cabinet, press, fridge in every household up & down the country.

This has since become my secret weapon for fighting the cold & flu. No one in my family has had a cold or flu since we started taking this drink. Our local doctor must be getting frustrated as we have stopped our regular visits to his clinic, saving ourselves all that money too. From when my wife was pregnant, to giving it to our toddlers and growing kids, we have all felt the long-lasting effects of this power drink. If you would like to know what this secret weapon is, just comment

If you would like to know what this secret weapon is, just comment
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How this Father of 3 reduced his Blood Pressure without ANY Medication!!!

This father of 3 was able to reduce his high blood pressure without using any medications! How?

Family and health is everythingThis father of 3 was able to reduce his high blood pressure without using any medications! How?

Find out how this father of 3 was able to defy the doctors & beat high blood pressure which had plagued him for 3 years, without using any medication, even though doctors had told him he would have to be on medication for life.
Michael had only turned 42 when his blood pressure levels began to elevate. He knew about his family history of heart disease. He lost his father at the age of 47, his uncle at the age of 42 & his aunties at the age of 39 & 37 respectively.
He had done everything he was told by the doctors to do to prevent this “Silent Killer”.
Michael exercised regularly, had constant medical checkups, ate well as he was advised to but yet it seemed he could not get his high blood pressure readings down, 178/90 on a bad day.
During one of his visits to his family doctor, he asked the doctor why his blood pressure was so high & the doctor responded by saying he shouldn’t worry so much about it, it could just be stress-related. All Michael had to do was to take his prescribed high blood pressure medication, monitor the situation & it would be OK…Michael did not want to be on medication, not at his young age. Taking the medication would often leave him feeling tired and weak, with lack of energy. Sometimes a headache, dizziness, diarrhea or constipation, never mind the nervous feeling it brought. The lack of motivation to do another was what really angered Michael. Not to mention the fact that he could no longer satisfy his wife sexually, as he was experiencing erectile dysfunction which was really embarrassing to him. He used to be so active, taking the kids out on their bikes, going to the playground. enjoying swimming with them. All these fun activities now seemed more draining to Michael, and he now longer had the desire to partake in them.
The biggest fear for Michael was the fact that his father was also on medication when the disease robbed him of his life. He could not imagine not being around for his wife and their 3 young kids.
However, he accepted the doctor’s advice as most people would do. He continued to take his medication & monitor the situation but despite not being able to find the cause of this sudden rise in blood pressure, he told himself that since the doctor had said it would be OK, he had no reason to believe otherwise.
On a Saturday morning, just 3 months after Michael’s 42nd birthday, he decided to accompany his wife & his 3 children to a park where the children would regularly play. On getting to the park, Michael helped his wife in getting the kids out of the car & just as he was about to go through the small gate in the park, he clutched his chest & cried out to his wife that he was in pain. Before his wife could make sense of what was going on, Michael collapsed on the ground.
His wife Mary immediately screamed out & called for an ambulance. Michael was rushed to a nearby hospital & brought into the A&E. It was later confirmed that Michael had suffered a heart attack as he had developed atherosclerosis, which is the narrowing of the blood vessels that supply the heart.
Michael asked the doctor what his options were and he was told he had to be operated on and a stent put into his arteries to enable circulation of blood flow.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, he was told he would also have to be on medication for life. This is the news Michael was dreading.
Michael made it clear that he did not want to be on medication for life & asked if the doctor could give him other options to consider. The doctor told him that his genetic predisposition made him a prime candidate for the heart attack he suffered.
Michael was furious. He was furious because he did everything he was told he needed to do, to avoid having the same fate as his father but it seemed it wasn’t enough. Feeling helpless, disappointed, depressed and defeated, he gave into the idea that a lifetime of taking medications seemed like the only option for him.
Taking advice from his doctor, Michael reduced his working hours & as he was the breadwinner in his household, it affected their finances. The life of abundance he had created for his family became a thing of the past. This created a lot of tension in the house, for a home that was once peaceful with a lot of love & happiness, became a place of constant arguing & fighting.
Suicidal thoughts crossed his mind but he would often remember the smiles on his children’s faces & that seemed to always bring him back to his senses….
So for the next 3 months, Michael sought help from anywhere else he could get it. He spoke to nutritionists, cardiologists, dieticians, mind-body & soul healers, started doing Yoga, he changed his diet, ate more fruits & vegetables, decreased his red meat intake increased his water & exercised more. Though these were all positive changes he introduced into his life, his blood pressure was still an issue he needed to resolve. He made it his mission to find a better alternative, a natural solution to his problem.
A few weeks later, Michael got a visit from a friend of his, John. During their conversation, he told John about how his life which was once going great, had seemingly been turned upside down. He told him of his fears & worries.
John was very compassionate & understanding. He too had lost his father to stroke 5 years earlier which was also brought on by High Blood pressure (Hypertension) & he told Michael about how he had also experienced elevated levels of blood pressure, but not anymore. Michael’s ears perked up on hearing this, he naturally asked John what he did, John said he used the knowledge he had recently acquired to address this issue.
This was a trusted friend telling him that not only did John have high blood pressure but he had somehow made it a thing of the past.
So naturally, Michael was very intrigued & curious about what John had done.
What John told him blew his mind. He couldn’t understand how something so simple, so natural & accessible was out there the whole time, yet neither his doctor nor his cardiologist told him about this.
Feeling skeptical but optimistic at the same time, Michael went on to apply the knowledge he gained from John.
Within the first couple of days, he noticed a change. His energy was coming back, his blood pressure normalizing & he was feeling a lot better about himself.
After 90 days of being on the program, Michael’s blood pressure had gone from a whopping 178/90 to 108/77. Wow!
Michael was ecstatic, to say the least. He went to see his doctor to share the news with him.
The doctor asked Michael what had changed recently & Michael said he only changed his diet, to which the doctor said he always knew his medication would solve the problem.
Michael laughed to himself, knowing the medication which he voluntarily stopped months ago, had nothing to do with his new found zeal.
But because Michael understood what was needed to keep his blood pressure normal, he continued his program & has maintained his blood pressure for 2 years!
Michael now has the blood pressure of a very young man & recent clinical tests indicate his arteries are like that of a 21-year-old.
His energy levels have gone through the roof, so he’s gone back to doing the things he once enjoyed such as fun activities for the kids, evening walks with his family & he has joined his local football team meeting up twice a week.
To say Michael is a man who came back from the brink of despair is putting it lightly. He now has a new lease of life & shares his story with anyone who’s willing to listen so that they too can get the help that he got.
He credits his new lease of life to the visit from his dear friend John & being open-minded enough to do something about it.
Find out what Michael did……….